Monday, September 21, 2009


Banks Violette, Arroyo Grande 7-22-95, 2002

A vision can be like a memory or a dream, filled with aesthetic elements such as color, form, scent, archetypes or entire story lines. There is a similar process of inspiration and vision building for fashion and art.

I. Inspiration through natural sources and original thought
II. Inspiration by direct reference, or intertexturality
III. Vision for a single season or particular work
IV. Vision for an entire brand or oeuvre
V. The current “air du temps,” or collective consciousness or shared vision of the moment

I. Inspiration through natural sources

Ed Ruscha, The Mountain, 1998

Alexander McQueen, by Craig McDean and stylist Tabitha Simmons, Fall 2008

II. Inspiration by direct reference

German Military Trainers and Maison Martin Margiela, 2008

Artist Petros Chrisostomous, Mouth to Mouth, 2007

III. Seasonal Vision

Alexander Wang, Fall 2009

Michael Kors, Spring 2006

Monet, Haystack series, 1890

Vanessa Beecroft, The Sister Project, March, July, August, November 2000

IV. Continuing Vision

Vivienne Westwood established herself with her "Destroy," shirt in 1977 and continues the same punk spirit.

Helmut Lang had a clear vision that attracted initial support for his work. His brand and advertisements remained consistent. Here in Spring 1997, he promoted the work by artist Robert Mappelthorpe. But Lang is an example that no matter how clear your vision your work is subject to change or stopping.

Tom Sachs is an example of an artist with a consistent vision due to the consistent use of black and white painted plywood and foam core.

The Sachs Piano, 2008 and Chanel Guillotine (Breakfast Nook) 1998

There is also a more general continuing vision of black and white in fashion and art.

Chanel, Haute Couture, SS 2009

Ann Demeulemeester, installation at Villa Noailles, 2006

Banks Violette, Not yet titled (Light Spill), 2007

V. L'Air du Temps

"I go by Colette all the time to see what the air du temps consists of...Taste is something you will and choose , l'air du temps is completely involuntary."
-The Flaneur, Edmund White

The shared vision of the moment is the collective consciousness known as fashion...

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