Monday, December 7, 2009

White Tents / White Cube

by Tara Amaraksha

London’s White Cube Gallery is geared towards contemporary art, but is very much a fashionable art space in terms of its ideals, setup of space, and work. In a similar sense, although New York Fashion Week is directly related to fashion, it is in many ways art in how the space is arranged, how the event evolves, and what the collections depict. For example, fashion that is very much conceptual in inspiration is equally comparable to art in that the design surpasses the mere function of clothing and protection. Therefore, although we tend to separate fashion as something that we inhabit, is functional, adaptable, a material, is on the human scale, and has a lifespan of wear ability, whereas art is defined as something that is co-habiting, negates function, has limited use, is created as a whole, includes multimedia, is unlimited in scale, and is placed in a gallery, the line drawn between the two lists is very fine as neither one falls only under fashion or only under art. Some examples inlclude the presentation of White Cube's art exhibits by Tracey Emin, Steven Miesel, and Sam Taylor Wood, as well as the RTW Fall 2009 runway shows of Yigal Azrouel, Zac Posen and Catherine Malandrino.

Pianists on the runway, Zac Posen F 2009

Sam Talyor Wood, White Cube, 2005

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