Monday, March 15, 2010

After All

After weeks of pressure, the new is finally finished and fashion is exhausted. The great spectacle of the circuit of shows is one of the most fascinating phenomena of our era. Nothing explains our tireless pursuit of indulgent dreams. Unlike art however, which tries to immortalize those dreams, fashion just moves on. But the fashion that still retains meaning after a season, or year, or decade, has incidentally fulfilled the role of art, that is, it has fulfilled dreams. The question is if those dreams are a product of the spectacle of consumption or genuine to the human experience?

While some may say fashion is to blame, the dream of lights and reflection, seduction and adornment are not specific to our era, just common to it. Of course we must continue to dream, just grander dreams, inclusive of the reality of the world and those who do not bask in the radiating aura we call fashion. This is the great potential of fashion as an art, not in totalizing the world with an overriding aesthetic and veiling it, but in unveiling the truth of humanity and our values.

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