Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rodarte Wins National Design Award

Rodarte has won the Fashion Design category of the 2010 National Design Awards by the Smithsonian's Copper-Hewitt. These girls are absolutely brilliant and are a great example of the intersection of fashion and art. Their design is very conscious, process oriented work, that has a post-Antwerp aesthetic.

F 2008

I interviewed Kate Mulleavy in 2008. Here is an excerpt:

RKW: Imagine we are looking at a history book about 21st Century fashion, how do you think Rodarte will be described?
KM: ...To me, the thing that we seem to be drawn to doing is a balance between something that is very fragile and delicate but also beautiful but also slightly strange. I feel like that tight rope act, between doing something that has such delicate beauty but that is also slightly off kilter or weird, is the balance that I hope people associate with our work.

Read the complete interview here

S 2010

Rodarte for Target, 2009

S 2009, see more on this collection here.

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