Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chanel Windows

I LOVE Chanel News. I was going to take photos of the fall storefronts on rue Cambon but they already posted them here.

The storefront is the territory of display, where fashion becomes untouchable and enters the realm of appreciation or art. While so much of advertising has been transformed by the internet and new media, windows remain an almost conventional art. We still employ artificial looking mannequins, in completely awkward looking arrangements. The purpose is commodity promotion but the practice also increases mystical value of the commodity and sustains the theater of fashion. The displays are essentially sculptural entertainment.

While Greco-Roman culture exalted the human form to worship, we exalt the human form adorned. This is part of the naturalization of augmented survival.

The Three Graces, Roman copy of Greek Original, 200 AD

More on fashion & display here

More store windows here

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