Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Steven Vs. Steven

Above left by Steven Meisel, above right Steven Klein. Both photographers share a fascination for sharp, high modernism. Their nostalgia for the past is brought to life through provoctive David Lynch style narrative editorials and ads.

Above Steven Meisel, 2008 and below, Klein, 2002

Meisel was born in 1954 and after Parsons began working as an illustrator for Halston. Eventually his photos of Phoebe Cates received recognition and led to his development.

Meisel, US Vogue, September 1999

Meisel, Supermodels Enter Rehab, Vogue Italia, July 2007

Meisel, Alberta Ferritti, F 2007

Meisel, Makeover Madness, Vogue Italia, July 2005

Steven Klein was born in 1965 and after studying painting at RISD he began in commercial and fashion photography.

Klein, Domestic Bliss, W, July 2005

Klein, Loewe, F 2008

Klein, Loewe, F 2010

Klein, D&G, F 2009

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