Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fashion & Nostalgia

Paris Je t'aime, Steven Meisel, Vogue US, September 2007

I have been thinking for sometime about why 1920's Paris serves as such an important inspiration point for fashion, art and film. While the Belle Epoque was Paris' most shining moment with the Universal Expositions, by the 1920's, Paris was a cultural oasis, with international creators breaking the boundaries of the arts. It is also the moment when fashion became a consistently signature work of design. Worth was the major influence through the turn of the century, but by the 1920's it was no longer possible to create a work of design without signing one's name.

Lanvin, 1922

Lanvin, 1924

Chanel, 1920's

Chanel, 1922

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  1. I wish i could visit 20's Paris everything was roaring art,fashion people...lovely post



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