Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best of Fashion/Art

Givenchy, S 2007 by Inez & Vinoodh



Wedding Dress, Yves Saint Laurent, S 1988, Homage to Braque


Marc Jacobs, S 2008 and Balenciaga S 2010


Boccaccio 70 with costumes by Chanel
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Luca Luca, Madison Avenue, S 2005
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Valentino at the Ara Pacis, Rome, 2007

I started this site with the work of Vanessa Beecroft. It is usually marginalized in the art world for its emphasis on aesthetic formality. Its ability to enact the essence of dressing up captures a certain pretension of the postmodern era that others fail to acknowledge.

VB 52, 2002

However Beecroft's collaboration with Louis Vuitton, along with that of Murakami and Richard Prince, reveals the merger of aesthetics and commerce in our era and the collapse of conventional boundaries of creation.

Nick Knight, Skinheads, 1980 and Lanvin, S 2007

If we take for example the case of Nick Knight above, we can also see the decline of delineation of art and fashion. His conceptual art project on skinhead subculture revealed their homology. The same style unification is in his Lanvin campaign at the right. Fashion and art share values, visions and forms.

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